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Winter’s Almost Over … Think GREEN!

March 4, 2014


The air might still be a little chilly and the odd snowflake might fall, but spring is definitely just around the corner. This is the perfect opportunity to start thinking GREEN! Green homes have been shown to garner a higher price on the open market, as the savings from electricity and heat are very tempting, and more than make up the difference in price over the long run. Here at Bentley, we are serious about being green. The following are just a few items that make our homes not only some of the most beautiful around, but the most green as well

1.     Rain, rain go away …

When the rain falls (as it does quite often on the mainline) the water will automatically drain from your roof, patio and sidewalk into the ground water recharge or seepage beds, which will in turn discharge into the aquifer. Not only will this ensure the water will not pool around your house, it will go back into the ground and feed streams, plants and wildlife.

2.     Hot water – instantly!

How many times have you turned on the faucet for a hot shower, or to wash a load of dishes? Thousands of gallons of water are wasted every year while people wait for their water to heat up. This is why Bentley installs Insta-Hot Water Systems in every home – the name says it all. No more waiting for hot water, and you are all the greener for using it!

3.     Let there be light – or not!

More and more we hear about the importance of ensuring lights are turned off when you leave a room. This task is so much easier to remember with a Bentley home – because you don’t have to remember! We install room sensored/timed light switches, which can sense if you have left a room, or be on a timer so that electricity isn’t wasted when it’s not needed.

These are just a few of the features that every Bentley home includes to make our world is a greener place. For more information on our Bentley Green customizations, check out our website or give us a call!


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